Thai Chi

That is basically a tongue twister of Chai Tea. And at the moment its my favourite tea for creative pursuits and chilly evenings sitting on the verandah. Initially, I was a Chai Tea sceptic. My first few cups really weren’t that exciting. I remember tasting it with friends and not really being that impressed it was too…cinnamony….or something. Of course you really have to have a taste for it. And be someone who loves two tablespoons of cinnamon in your tea. No wonder people would sweeten it with sugar.

Anyway, I guess I was a Chai Tea cynic. Until now.

I have had an Chai Tea epiphany. In an orange box.

And it’s easy to see why Pukka Vanilla Chai is the Taste gold medal winner of 2010. Pukka as an organisation is known for its organic herbs and its proud Fairtrade stance. You’ll even see the fair-trade logo on its box.

I have had many a chai tea cup. Pukka Vanilla Chai though has a very smooth warming taste, with a zingy bite of ginger, cinnamon and fennel, just to keep you wanting more. Sweetening it gives it even more smoothness and it makes for a very satisfying and warming cuppa on a chilly day. Even better with a dessert like cheese cake or berry tart for a lovely afternoon tea. I’ll certainly be checking out more of the Pukka range in future.

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