The Day we were Magnetic

Here’s a fun post from my old blog site that I’ll soon be deleting.

(March 2011)

So over summer my nieces and nephew visited me lots.

One particular day we had planned for ages. 
The day we were going to paint our magnets, play games and watch Mr Bean.
We used some plaster kits I’d bought them for Christmas. We had previously mixed the plaster, then poured it into the moulds and then we sat them out in the sun to dry and harden.
So on a bright sunny Saturday Mikayla, Shakira and Jayden came over to paint and ‘prettify’ their magnets. It was fun, getting so messy! 🙂 Mikayla had a Marine creatures Theme, Shakira a jungle animals theme and Jay had a pirate theme, complete with a chest of treasure!
We played the Great Mammoth Hunt game inside after lunch and we made milkshakes and watched Mr Bean episodes til Mor Mor (grandma) came to pick them up.
It was such fun! 

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