Mia Mamma

My mother.

She is a quietly determined person. She doesn’t force her opinion on anyone, but lets you know what she thinks.

She is an amazing artist, pushing it to the side to raise her children.

She never compromised in taking us to church, even when my dad wouldn’t go. She would stay up late with us to help finish assignments. She went to every school concert, and encouraged us to do as well as we could.

She was never trendy, preferring to go against the grain and she taught us to question everything- don’t believe what you see on TV, but research, compare, make informed decisions.

Speaking of which, we were only allowed about 30 mins of TV (later 60 mins) a week, and she taught us to love books. To read, to ponder, to be creative.

She had to be mother and father for us, endured great loss, never hid her tears and yet she never quit.

She laughs easily, stirs just as easily, and was always there for us.

We will never forget the sacrifices she made for us.

Love you Mama.

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