Sceptical ways

I’m a sceptic. I have the ability to look at all sides of the argument and I’m not usually satisfied til I have exhausted every avenue. Even then I’m wary of making a decision about something unless I have all the facts. I hate being one- sided and if I can’t find information for all sides if an argument it bugs me. I mean really bugs me. Sometimes it drives me to seek. To find. To use canine instinct to hunt some info down. But my natural scepticism often kicks in when I don’t want it to. Basically if you told me something, I wouldn’t believe it. I would probably batt my eyelids and nod in agreement but underneath the girly facade is a brain thinking through every tiny bit of your argument. I need proof. Cold hard proof.
But I’m also very good at thinking fast and making a quick decision. I’m even scared of this trait myself. Sometimes it appears to be a rash decision. Impulsive. Thoughtless. But somehow I have logically weighed up the decision very quickly. I still don’t understand this ability. While others are carefully weighing up the options I have thought it through and made a decision, while they are still on option 1. However, I’m also blessed with stubbornness. Lethal when mixed with scepticism. It basically means once I have made a decision usually only God can change my mind. Lol I’m good at saying no. And sticking to it. That is if I actually say no. Most of the time I’m so laid back that saying no is ‘way harsh, man. Where’s the love?’
Figure that one out. Sometimes it means I can say no to my students’ nagging and stick to it. Sometimes it means I can made a sound judgement and see the bigger picture intuitively when very few can. Sometimes it means I can engage in a debate and not back down til I ‘win’, to my shame. Sometimes I have such an insatiable appetite for knowledge and truth that I literally cannot rest until I have it worked out in my head. Sometimes it means I can be surrounded by advertising and still ignore it. Sometimes it means I will take an unpopular view on something which people view as ‘dangerous’ or ‘reckless’ and I stick to it just to prove them wrong. Sometimes it means I will spend hours researching when I should be out socialising, but driven by the need to ‘know’.
Of course I say sometimes. I am, after all, flawed. I am a girl and sometimes my emotional response takes precedence.
There’s a glimpse inside my head.

2 thoughts on “Sceptical ways

  1. Fascinating, isn’t it? We analyze ourselves and find “gifts” and “abilities” that truly ARE gifts and abilities when used in the context of Truth. I also love delving to find out, seeing what the Bible really says, not just going along with something I hear. It is the same thing the Christians in Berea did so long ago. But, as with any gift, there are the downsides–dogged stubbornness, not letting go, maybe even driving others crazy. Who knows? Loved this glimpse inside your head.

    I also wanted to comment on the whole “look” of your blog. It is absolutely beautiful. I like its simplicity, the colors, the photos, everything. Thank you for making it a visual delight.


    1. HI Lou Ann,
      Thank you so much for your comments they are very encouraging. It is so nice to know I have visitors from other countries that are finding encouragement from my blog and that the simple layout is appreciated!

      Feel free to visit anytime..

      Lara (Wild Leaf)


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