News, and I’ll be back soon!

Havent posted for ages. Sorry to leave you hanging. I’ll return shortly to finish up my series on Singleness and Grace (its awesome- don’t miss it). I recently Got engaged, something I never thought would happen to me. I dreamed about it, and prayed for years. but it seemed so many times that God was silent. Not to go into too much detail, because I’ll expand in my new posts, but I think I started to give up on that dream. So as you can imagine, I am filled with incredible joy. And peace. It’s amazing how both of those emotions go hand-in-hand when you are living God’s plan. Despite the joy, I have been really busy, starting back at work, making crazy wedding plans, and all the rest of the things that accompany a new year. But I wanted to take some time to say. God knows you. He loves you. and even when He feels silent, His plan continues. Back soon! 

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