I was taught to think and I do not apologize.

I was taught to think. To question. To not be satisfied with an answer until I have seen all sides and made a decision based on sound research. After years of further study (about 9 years of postgraduate study), it usually comes as second nature. Granted sometimes I’m not thinking straight or my short attention span means I lose interest easily. Someone once said to me “You can tell when you are serious about something, you never let it go, when normally you lose interest quickly.” The problem is I’m also a skeptic. I won’t follow the normal way of thinking. I won’t believe what the media tells me. I won’t accept blind faith without having thought something through. I don’t do subtle. If you want me to get something, be straight with me. I can be logical in the midst of extreme emotion. Long story short, if I believe in something, chances are I have thought it through, researched it, consulted experts, and you probably won’t be able to change my mind. Because I was taught to think.

And I don’t apologize.


Just Sayin’.

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