And we are in July.

The glorious sunny weather we have been having lately, broke last night when the rain rolled in. I have to admit that I do love these chilly winter mornings, with sunshine during the day. Though there is also something about rain at night that creates calm, and peace. Maybe it’s just me.

Camellia 2

Our winter has been strangely mild this year. Usually by now we have rain day after day, til late september. But so far this season, the rain has been intermittent. Glorious.

I always wait in anticipation for July. I have a Camellia reticulata bush near my front door. Every year in late June, early July the bright, hot pink blooms unfurl. Sometimes they are speckled with white. Sometimes just a brilliant fuschia. It really adds some lovely to grey winter days when I turn into the drive way and see the bush bowing and hovering in the breeze.

This year July also marks 3 months til my wedding. An incredible gift to anticipate in the spring!

God’s creativity and his thoughtfulness is amazing, 🙂

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