Winter is upon us.


I adore winter. I love the frosty mornings, rain showers and puffs of white when you talk and your breath becomes frosty. I love making snugly things like crocheted beanies and cute flowers. And have been enjoying having an excuse to sit and crochet in the evenings. This year I have been spending some time in Tasmania with my fiancé, this is our last hello-goodbye before our big day in October. I always knew I would love Tasmania, pictures I had seen of it made me drool. I have visited here in nearly every season now, and have been delighted every time. Last week I got to experience some snow (it doesn’t snow in the West, so it’s been a long time!!) and we made tiny snow aliens with twiggy antennae. It was fun. Quite different from the mild winter we’ve been having in the west, though I do miss the cloudless blue skies that are a feature of a western winter. Hard to believe I’m heading back there in a couple of days. Sadness and happiness at the same time. One thing I have been doing to keep warm here,apart from lots of cups of tea, is wearing leg warmers I bought a little while ago. Don’t really need them at home but am enjoying wearing leggings and skirts and leg warmers. I’m probably styling the 80s but who cares. Hehe what has everyone else been doing to keep warm (if its winter where you are) or cool (for those in a northern summer)?

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