A new horizon dawns…

At the dawn of a new year, I find myself getting reflective. For good reason, I suppose. A new year gives new opportunities, new challenges, new lessons to be learned.

This new year was particularly poignant. My first one as a wife, our first Christmas and holiday season as a wedded couple. I was greatly anticipating Christmas this year, although a little nervous as well. I think for a short moment I was caught up in the ‘perfect’ Christmas. But I quickly came down to earth, when I ran out of time to finish making all the ideas I had, when finances dictated small and simple giving after we got some bad news from the tax office, headaches from the heat (it’s summer in the southern hemisphere) meant I had to take it a bit easier on a camping holiday we took, and our native Australian Christmas tree drooped so badly, from being neglected, the decorations fell off and then flooded from being over watered, and we had to excavate out all our gifts. Despite it (and and the many laughs that ensued) I quickly learned that the only perfection in Christmas was the baby born in a manager who came to die for humanity to have a right relationship with God. Our Christmas wasn’t perfect, neither were our gifts, or our food, or the family gatherings, Skype sessions with far-away family, our new traditions we started or the ones we carried on. But we loved it all, because it was ours. 🙂 It was one we’ll look back on through the years and talk about ‘remember when..’ with our children and grandchildren. And we were both thankful for all the small, large, interesting, unexpected things that came our way in the lead up to Christmas, and the dawning of a new year.

What are you thankful for and how will you stay thankful throughout the year, in all the unpredictable and unexpected things?

May you be blessed in the new year!

Pictures: Our Native Australian Woolly bush christmas tree, the wreath I made for our front door, us together at my nieces and nephew’s dance concert.

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