Timey Wimey

Time moves on. We found out in January that we are expecting a baby. Now we have reached the final trimester, with about 3 months to go.  We are excited, nervous, and a little overwhelmed, like most first time parents. Initially, It was a shock. Then came the morning sickness, and it felt like an endless bout of gastro, all day every day. 😦 Eventually, it started to recede and I felt better. Then came the scans and the movement- and it started to feel real.

I have noticed a lot of hype surrounding pregnancy, and a bit of hysteria. Funny how people get excited about your weight gain, and yet if you aren’t pregnant its all about being skinny.

I had heard all about how magical those first movements were and have to admit I was expecting some magical, mystical experience. It instead felt like I was being pummelled from the inside. A rather strange feeling indeed.

There are so many do’s and don’ts and what ifs and eat this and don’t eat that…blah blah It just becomes overwhelming. Oh and the tests- we must check this, and that and this other thing, and that will tell us if we need to check for something else. Oh and you have to have appointments every so many weeks, and go here for this person….etc It’s starting to feel like a part time job just attending appointments and getting tests.

I have my own list of do’s and don’ts, things I refused in terms of testing, and others I accepted. I won’t post them on here, as they were really just for me.

But I have found it helpful to talk to others, list to their advice, weigh up their advice in terms of practicality and wisdom and go from there. This has helped to get through the overwhelming amount of information and ‘pedantics’ that seem to be heaped on Pregnant women.


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