our twig

It has been a while. I needed  a break away from blogging to just enjoy the final months of pregnancy and preparations.

In October my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Aubriana Skye. She has changed our world. We no longer have leisurely meal times, showers or long sleep ins. We can’t leave the house without half a car load of baby, bags, toys, nappies, carriers, pram and other stuff. We no longer spend our entire weekend gardening or day dreaming about the perfect garden. We no longer stay up late watching movies, or blogging, or canoodling on the couch (:O). We no longer sleep all night.

We now get up early to feed, or work. We think of short cuts and parenting ‘hacks’. We plan what we need to do in advance and make sure there’s baby stuff ready to go, and the shortest route to do it in. We go for family walks, listen to kids music and enforce rules like ‘no tv before 5:30pm’ (funny how you have to have rules for parents too!). We make lists, talk about pooh, work out how to create more space where there isn’t any, and make ‘good days’ about how many naps we had or how many nappies we changed. We have learned to do things one handed, made appliances our friends, and scheduled short gardening sessions simply to ‘get stuff in the ground before it rains’ and finally figured out that waking up at 2am is no big deal.

The house is often a mess, the garden hasn’t been mowed for weeks, we are constantly doing laundry, we have no idea where our cat went, dinner is often closer to 8pm, we often fall asleep before dinner, and our dishwasher competes with the radio for noise. Yet, we wouldn’t have it any other precious way.

Especially when our girl smiles up at me during a feed, laughs at a funnny face, or toddles from her play mat a hundred times during breakfast.

One of our baby gifts included a card with the following words:

Your family tree

has a new twig,

she’s ever so precious

and not very big,

Your love, just like sunshine,

will help her to grow,

and all through her life

you will treasure her so.

Yes, we love this crazy, beautiful, funny little twig.

IMG_6372 IMG_6371 IMG_6377

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