Marching On

Time seems to just march on Solidly.

I fondly call March, my birthday Month. Aren’t all the best people born in March? 😉 This year was the big 40 and we enjoyed a lovely family gathering at a cafe in the swan valley.

This month we have also been busy learning and gardening. So much fun to harvest our own cough medicine and simmer it on the stove. I was so excited to find my Elderflower bush had actually grown berries and was literally watching them like a hawk to stop them being shared by the birds. I’m probably not very good at Hawk-like impressions but at least I managed to keep most of the berries. 🙂

We also used olive leaves, elderflowers, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers and ginger, cinnamon and honey. It made a lovely reddish syrup, ready for winter colds and flus. Hopefully next year we will have more berries, as I’d love a thick dark syrup. But considering how young my bush is I was stoked just to have some. 🙂

Here’s a great recipe for Home made Elderberry Syrup.

One thing we have also enjoyed is nature finds. Dancing Girl and I had some lovely moments collecting coloured leaves in our front yard. As we are now in Autumn it was exciting to see so many different colours and then talk about the seasons and what happens to trees during the year.

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