Sound off in April

It appears April is a month we are most productive. The temps are lowering, though the days still sunny and the evenings are cooling down into lovely snuggly weather. We love the anticipation of Easter and the blessings it brings.

old pots and pans and kitchen utensils make a great sound wall

During our April Holidays we created a sound wall next to Dancing Girl’s Cubby. I have always loved sound walls and it is a great way to recycle broken bits and pieces from the kitchen that make great bangs, scrapes, tingles or thuds. Colanders or strainers are particularly fun to scrape.

My first attempt at a sound wall didn’t work very well and I really love that this one did. Lots of fun (and loudness- Sorry neighbours!) already.

We also got our first Olive Harvest. Qorvus is so excited and already researching brining methods. We hope it works, as we are a big olive eating household! Last year we attempted to make olive oil, we got about a table spoon and while that was great, it kind of felt like a waste of so many olives. Nevertheless this year’s tree is burdened with them. Delicious!

Easter brought so many blessings, the chance to have lovely conversations with our daughter about finding Jesus and telling her the easter story. While they aren’t particularly sustainable, I love to fill plastic eggs with treats or craft items and this year we used Resurrection Eggs, which was a lovely tactile way of talking about the Easter Story. If you have never encountered Resurrection Eggs, check out your local Christian Book store or eBay. I loved having something practical and Tactile to work with.

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