A lovely snuggly June.

Our Wintry June has been a mix of beautiful mild sunny days and rainy stormy days. Our garden got some love in the early part of the month when the sun was still shining and we have weeded many beds, set up our new potato tower and relocated soil, relocated raised beds and fed lots of worms. 🙂 The orchard has 3 trees growing well and some berry bushes and ground covers filling up our tiered areas. We hope to add more as we source more plants- some of our fruit trees have been given to us, and others have been shop-bought.

There have been so many outdoor learning opportunities, and I love what June brings. Everything from getting muddy, ‘fishing’ in a muddy, waterlogged garden bed, jumping in puddles, admiring ‘raindrop jewels’ on our bushes, and searching for rainbows.

We have also had a lot of together time, indoors and I have been enjoying being on Maternity leave from work and being with Dancing Girl every day. We do lots of lego building, play board games, read books, do dress ups and Dancing Girl helps with chores and cooking in the kitchen.

Some of the highlights of June are:

  1. The ‘messy play’ day at Playgroup- Dancing Girl loved the finger painting and the tub of jelly to ‘fish’ in.
mixing colours to make Purple.

2. I have some short precious time during the day to catch up on Crochet, drink a warm cup of tea and ‘Mama care’ before baby arrives and it is taken up with newborn duties.

3. Indoor mornings spent playing with lego, board games or just hanging out as a family.

I have to mention the new Bus Stop board game we purchased. It’s produced by Orchard Toys and features in the first of these pictures. It is a fabulous game that involves picking up and setting down passengers. It teaches addition and subtraction in a fun and easy way with opportunities to extend learning and making more complicated maths sentences. I am really enjoying it, and Maths makes me shudder. haha

June also signifies the last of our waiting for Baby. Our due date has come and we wait expectantly for an exciting few days in early July.

We’ll keep you posted.

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