July Surprise

Our beautiful Boy has arrived!!

Despite being due in June, Our darling Son, Little Babe, arrived in July. A surprising 11 days after his due date. Considering his daddy is always on time, I’m guessing this little guy takes after Mama. We were so proud to welcome a son, despite Dancing girl’s disappointment over baby not being a sister. I pray they will be great friends, and a rambunctious-climbing-getting messy-funny-games-kind of brother is just what she needs. Someone who will build with her, and create mud pies and dress up as super heroes. Maybe I’m just idealistic, but I am glad to finally have a sibling for my sweet girl and adjust to being a family of four.

We are trying to deal with the sleepless nights. Though this time around things are much easier, and our boy is a good sleeper and good feeder. being older parents isn’t always easy. what we lack in energy we make up for in life experience- though I’m not sure which I’d rather. 20 years ago I would have had more energy and I have often wished I had done this earlier. But I am reminded that for everything there is a season, and this is ours. The timing of our season, is perfect and we don’t always know the why’s or the wherefore’s, or what is around the corner. But, I have faith that what is to come is bigger than the bleary eyes, the days full of laundry and baby burping, the hard moments juggling another child and grieving over the time we used to share. There is one greater than all of it. And I live in Hope.

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