The Lost Corner Orchard Family

We are a Christian Family from Perth, Western Australia, journeying toward a sustainable lifestyle. It all started when we unearthed a lost corner of our yard, and thought “What are going to do with this?” Since we had already started growing fruit trees and gotten a bit obsessed with Edible Australian native fruit trees, we thought perhaps a mini orchard would be fun. Hence our journey has started.

So introducing the Lost Corner Orchard Family:

2   Qorvus is a library Technician, geek, fantasy writer and chief gardener. He is really good at making sauce, shortbread and putting words on paper.  You can read some of his writings at his website Tales from a Thousand Worlds.

3   Wild Leaf is a part-time High school teacher, Mum and chief garden dreamer. She loves reading, blogging, playing with her little ones, listening to nature, and creating things from yarn, fabric, wire- whatever she can find.

1   Dancing Girl is 4 and has been dancing since she was in the womb. She loves to read books, play outside, get messy, pretend her cubby house is a cafe and climb her rocket tree. She loves animals, apparently they are all her friends.

Text placeholder Little Babe Is the fond nickname our girl has given her new brother. He has been welcomed into the family with much drumming on tin cans, screaming with delight when he is sleeping, and eskimo kisses every hour. So far he has a sunny smile, enjoys kicking and checking out the world, and Mum is basically his own personal chef.