There were 3 bridesmaids, gowns of soft pink, with perfect bouquets, matching shoes and flawless makeup. The bride's diamond-encrusted headpiece glittered in the chandeliers, and her dress of tulle, and silk, layer after layer, moved with her as she made her way around the circle- a captivating spectacle. The Groomsmen remained gentlemanly, the expensive suits, … Continue reading Flawless

Gentleness is powerful too: An Easter reflection.

Sometimes we associate power with aggression, flashing lights, loud voices, steely gazes. Powerful people seem to have persuasion, charisma, confidence. I don't have any of those things. Frankly some days I don't feel like I have much of anything in comparison. Not a lot is made of Gentleness. In fact sometimes it's seen as a … Continue reading Gentleness is powerful too: An Easter reflection.