Why did we choose homeschooling?

Initially we were quite thorough in our research of local schools. We mapped out each school, the pros and cons, the costs associated, etc. It was hard to do and we really had to be objective particularly about the school we both work at. There was a lack of schooling options on our local community that we felt fitted with our families ideals, budget and goals.

Homeschooling allows us to teaching our children in the context of a christian faith, fits into our budget and gives our daughter the opportunity to progress at her own pace, with lots of play based, and wild learning.

Having a Scandinavian background, I was often caught up in the idea that formalised schooling didn’t really start until much later in our childhood. Some Scandinavian places don’t start formalised school until 7-8 years old and much of their early learning is play and skills based (while students in Australia gear up for formalised testing around this time) and this for me was a priority.