February’s Child…

is full of grace….

Actually that is Tuesday’s child.

But never mind, here’s a snapshot of our Fabulous February…

Aside from going back to work after our summer vacation, 😦 we had lots of fun in the garden this month.

My favourite flowers decided to bloom- so sunny and bright, they always make you smile and I love to share my morning cuppa with them.

Something about those lazily put together flowers that still stand tall and strong despite the heat.

Dancing Girl loved to measure herself against the bush as we watched it pop up.

She also loved to dance on the quite Tassie Nanna made her. A lovely quilt for playing and picnics. Perfect weather for both.

It was also the perfect time for starting our worm farm, which was excitement plus for Dancing Girl, who loved helping to set it up and check on the worms.

It is something we have been wanting to do for a while. It will hopefully add extra nutrients to our composting and garden beds.

Considering the amount of fresh produce we eat, since I’m vegetarian, we are enjoying watching it break down.

Do you have a worm farm?

January, January

Summer in Perth. Not always a month we look forward to. Heat. Dryness. Just generally heat. All. the. time. We are thankful that this year we have been blessed with a mild Summer so far. And that we can be productive in our garden during the Christmas and new year holidays.

One of things we DO look forward to is our berries. Luscious, juicy, blue berries. Our bush went nuts this year. I’m not complaining. I’m inventing excuses to eat them. haha “Let me just go get some berries off the bush…”

Nothing better that fresh berries off the bush. We have been inspired to create a berry patch, perhaps at the bottom of the fruit trees in our orchard. It merits thoughts and research. And salivating.

We also officially planted our first little orchard tree (we have others that are bigger, but this was our first mini tree). A mandarin. Dancing Girl loves them, so it was a logical choice. Our local area used to be home to citrus and there were once many citrus orchards. We are hoping it grows strong and we reap the yummy fruits on our labours.

What have you been doing to enjoy summer?

Lazy Summer Saturdays


Don’t you love these lazy summer Saturdays?! I’m still in my Pyjamas. Maybe I shouldn’t confess that. I have, however, been quite productive- Making Gluten free banana bread (it was delicious smothered with some organic butter), cleaning out drawers and culling clutter, and put on a load of laundry. It’s a hot one today, so we are hibernating inside, Dancing Girl has been entertaining us with crazy dances, and playing with the toys we just put away. :/

Thanks for Joining us on our gardening and family adventures. We are an ordinary family, attempting the extraordinary- that is, growing an orchard and a whole bunch of other things in between.

Enjoy your weekend- wherever you are stay cool- Stay warm, and Stay Classy.

Here’s some links to Banana bread recipes that I love.

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