Lazy Summer Saturdays


Don’t you love these lazy summer Saturdays?! I’m still in my Pyjamas. Maybe I shouldn’t confess that. I have, however, been quite productive- Making Gluten free banana bread (it was delicious smothered with some organic butter), cleaning out drawers and culling clutter, and put on a load of laundry. It’s a hot one today, so we are hibernating inside, Dancing Girl has been entertaining us with crazy dances, and playing with the toys we just put away. :/

Thanks for Joining us on our gardening and family adventures. We are an ordinary family, attempting the extraordinary- that is, growing an orchard and a whole bunch of other things in between.

Enjoy your weekend- wherever you are stay cool- Stay warm, and Stay Classy.

Here’s some links to Banana bread recipes that I love.

30 second Banana Bread- Thermomix recipe

Non-Thermie Recipe- Egg free. 




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